Code of Conduct

Tornator is committed to responsible business through its values (responsibility, expertise and partnership). Tornator's objective is to secure profitable business in an ethical and responsible manner taking into account economic, human resource, environmental and social matters. This is also a way to build a good corporate image which is necessary for the company as it acquires customers, investors, employees and partners. Responsibility is also a part of risk management, productivity and quality, because by acting responsibly we can avoid mistakes.

This Code of Conduct is the basis for Tornator's business, environmental, human resource and stakeholder management as well as compliance with financial market regulations. The objective is to create a uniform way for employees to act responsibly around the world. National guidelines may not conflict with this Code of Conduct.

Business ethics, legal compliance and disclosure

Tornator employees are responsible for company property, and shall protect it against damage, misuse and loss. All employees are expected to take proper care of company property, use it efficiently and not to use it for any unauthorised purposes.

It is the policy of Tornator to comply in all of its operations with applicable laws and regulations wherever it conducts its business. These include, among others, legislation related to corporate governance, accounting, taxation, competition, occupational health and safety, labour, environment, protection of individual privacy and equality at work as well as financial market regulations. It is important that each employee is aware of the laws and regulations relevant to his or her work.

Tornator's objective is to communicate credibly and responsibly. Documents and reports prepared for authorities, investors and other stakeholders contain accurate information giving a correct and truthful picture of the company's operations. Public statements concerning the company can only be given by specifically designated persons (as determined in the communications strategy). Disclosing of confidential customer and other information to any outside party or the use of such information in conflict with Tornator's interests is prohibited without exception.


Conflicts of interest, gifts and bribes

Tornator employees are expected to promote the interest of Tornator and to act responsibly in doing so. We prohibit any corruption or bribery in our operations. Tornator and its employees will not pay or offer to pay bribes or illegal payments.

Employees are prohibited from taking personal benefits from opportunities discovered through the use of corporate position or information. Tornator employees must avoid activity which leads to a conflict of interest. This includes giving and accepting personal gifts or benefits beyond reasonable hospitality given in the ordinary course of business. Apart from receipt of cash, items of nominal value are excluded.
Tornator's principle for support and sponsoring is to encourage forest-related studies or leisure activities of children and youth locally. The company does not participate in telephone collections, nor do we support any political parties or religious movements or groups.

Respecting and promoting human rights; human resource practices

Tornator respects the universal human rights as defined by the United Nations Universal
Declaration of Human Rights in its own operations, including freedom of thought, opinion, expression, religion and peaceful assembly. The company implements an equality plan which prohibits any discrimination based on race, age, nationality, gender or sexual orientation. Tornator does not tolerate the use of forced or child labour.

Tornator strives to create a dynamic and evolving work environment for all of its employees. Employees are required to conduct their duties without endangering work safety. The company encourages its employees to develop themselves personally and professionally.

Environmental practices

Tornator's environmental management is based on internally defined goals, monitoring their realisation as well as developing and implementing best practices. Operations are guided by corporate environmental principles.

We continuously assess the environmental impacts of our operations and strive to manage them systematically in accordance with the principle of continuous improvement. With the aim of promoting sustainable forestry, Tornator wants to provide high-quality end products and services to its customers.

Tornator also requires that its partners and suppliers comply with environmental and social responsibility.

Implementation of the Code of Conduct

All Tornator employees must comply with this Code of Conduct. Employees are encouraged to contact supervisors, managers or other appropriate personnel when in doubt about the best course of action in a particular situation.

Violations against this Code of Conduct are subject to appropriate disciplinary action. Employees are hoped to report any violations of this Code of Conduct to their supervisors. Reporting can also be done anonymously through an online service maintained by an independent partner, Whistleblowing Centre. There will be no negative consequences for the person reporting.

This Code of Conduct has been updated by Tornator's Board of Directors on 15 December 2016.